April 16, 2020


"A few years ago I met the owner by chance outside his shop. He was super friendly and polite and invited me inside since I was waiting for another business to open and it was scorching hot that day. I ended up buying some septum jewelry that he gave to me at a ridiculously great deal. I soon realized I couldn't fit the jewelry and came back to see if he might be able to help. We quickly discovered that it was because the hole had closed and I was a little disappointed but not surprised, before I could dwell on it he repeirced my septum and sent me on my way with out any payment on my end. The owner was more than thoughtful and I haven't been able to forget his kindness now almost two years later. "
November 16, 2018

simply Amazing

"jeff has very friendly nice an clean place, a nice an friendly environment. His work is simply amazing. He's PRICE friendly an fast i might add, I will definately be going back. Hes highly recommended. Try him out you'll love his wor an friendly attitude."
May 16, 2018

"Jeff has done 3 different ones for me and I love them all. My first was a small wrist one. Thought I’d start small. He didn’t pick or make fun of it since it’s a Doxie tattoo. Instead he made me proud of it. Then after my mother beat breast cancers butt he did one for me that was in honor of Mom beating cancer. Recently my dad passed and I just went Friday to have my newest done for dad. He was very attentive, very helpful and was able to deal with me having a hard time since it was for dad..... thank you Jeff. Love them all and your the only one I trust to do my art! Thank you thank you!"
January 27, 2018

"I loved this place and the experience! Also can’t forget the awesome artwork I have now. Thanks Jeff!"
June 18, 2017

"Jeff has been awesome! His shop has a warm, friendly atmosphere that you just don't get at most shops. He gives plenty of input on how you can make an idea look even better for your specific body and what to expect when explaining how he does different piercings. He is the ONLY Artist/Piercer I will even let doing any work on me!!!!"
Tattoo Jungle