February 3, 2021

"Donovan is an awesome tattoo artist! Entire staff was super friendly and the owner was great. Also super clean! Will def be back."
January 28, 2021

"Absolutely ADORE Jeff and the staff of tattoo jungle . Very clean, swift, and professional! My facehe added 3 stars and my salvation/damnation anagram eyebrow lettering. He was simply amazing and great company too, ya'll go see him, you won't forget itLove you Jeff!"
October 21, 2020

July 13, 2020

Amazing tattoo artist and man

"Jeff has now completed 5 out of 5 of my tattoos. He is hands down one of the most humble people I have every met. The last 2 tattoos I have received are for my grandmother. Jeff took his time with both of them to make sure they were 100% perfect... and they are. Thank you Jeff for being GREAT, and making my art on my body reflect me! I can't wait for my next tattoo. :)"
April 16, 2020


"A few years ago I met the owner by chance outside his shop. He was super friendly and polite and invited me inside since I was waiting for another business to open and it was scorching hot that day. I ended up buying some septum jewelry that he gave to me at a ridiculously great deal. I soon realized I couldn't fit the jewelry and came back to see if he might be able to help. We quickly discovered that it was because the hole had closed and I was a little disappointed but not surprised, before I could dwell on it he repeirced my septum and sent me on my way with out any payment on my end. The owner was more than thoughtful and I haven't been able to forget his kindness now almost two years later. "
Tattoo Jungle